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We are renowned to deliver premium services in:

• Equities
• Fixed income
• Wealth management services
• Multi-asset
• Alternatives
• Mutual funds
• Risk management


Witter Financial Group is an investment management and research company commanding an in-depth understanding of fund managers and macroeconomic conditions. Witter Financial Group targets high absolute returns in any market environment.

As one of the world’s most sought independent alternative asset managers, Witter Financial Group is characterized by its global scale, strong financial position and substantial surplus regulatory capital. By integrating a diverse pool of performance-driven investment talent in a single business we are able to provide our clients with a comprehensive range of investment content, accessible through a variety of formats to meet client needs and regulatory requirements.

We offer a comprehensive suite of investments through our performance-driven investment engines to a highly-diversified client base.

About Us

Witter Financial Group is a top Investment Advisor based in Hong Kong committed to putting client interests first. We create investment strategies for the long term, allowing investors to focus on their own personal, business and charitable interests, undistracted by daily and weekly movements of financial markets… more

Our Philosophy
Witter Financial Group believes fundamental, value-oriented investing. The Firm's objective is to provide clients with diversified portfolios that are controlled and managed… more

Witter Financial Group manages portfolios on a team basis, with the same professionals responsible for all products and portfolios. This team approach unites groups of specialists dedicated to different market sectors… more

Witter Financial Group believes that managing risk is as important to the investment process as adding value: portfolio managers focus on providing the best value per unit of risk… more

Witter Financial Group is committed to excellence in client service. The Firm has devoted significant resources to its Client Service & Marketing unit, and expands its… more