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Witter Financial Group is a top Investment Advisor based in Hong Kong committed to putting client interests first. We create investment strategies for the long term, allowing investors to focus on their own personal, business and charitable interests, undistracted by daily and weekly movements of financial markets.

Our model is customized and consultative, thoughtful and deliberate. We focus on achieving your goals, not selling products. Through our Wise Investing strategy, planning is the basis for action and the foundation of a holistic strategy that incorporates investing, retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning and more.

We believe the best investment plan is one based on science - not emotion, fad or the remote chance of outsmarting the market.

Our principles and approach stand in sharp contrast to many in the financial services industry who prefer to play a rigged Wall Street game — often putting their own interests ahead of their clients’.
• We believe that, by putting our clients’ interests first, we achieve more together.
• We believe in delivering unbiased, transparent, evidence-based advice.
• We believe every investor is unique - requiring custom, comprehensive wealth management solutions.
• We believe that doing what's best and doing what's right should be one and the same.

Our Philosophy
Witter Financial Group believes fundamental, value-oriented investing. The Firm's objective is to provide clients with diversified portfolios that are controlled and managed. By combining traditional analysis with innovative technology, Witter Financial Group seeks to add value by exploiting these inefficiencies across eligible sectors.
Witter Financial Group emphasizes the value of active management by utilizing multiple investment strategies, including active sector and issuer selection. The Firm believes these strategies enhance value by limiting the ability of any one strategy's underperformance from significantly impacting returns.

Witter Financial Group manages portfolios on a team basis, with the same professionals responsible for all products and portfolios. This team approach unites groups of specialists dedicated to different market sectors. The investment responsibilities of each sector team are distinct, yet results are derived from the constant interaction that unites the sector teams into a cohesive whole. This structure is designed to certify that client portfolios benefit from a consensus, drawing on diverse expertise of all team members.

Witter Financial Group believes that managing risk is as important to the investment process as adding value: portfolio managers focus on providing the best value per unit of risk. A dedicated risk management team works with the portfolio management team to align each portfolio with the client's risk tolerance.

Witter Financial Group is committed to excellence in client service. The Firm has devoted significant resources to its Client Service & Marketing unit, and expands its relationship base only when the resources are available to continue providing excellent performance and service to existing clients.

Risk Management
Witter Financial Group has a dedicated risk management team that oversees risk management and incorporates it into the investment process. While this team is integrated into the portfolio management process, it is independent of the portfolio management team and has a separate reporting structure. Witter Financial Group’s risk management team combines the best of the Firm's technology and experience to develop useful risk management tools and analysis. These methods provide information on daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly periodicities to key groups at Witter Financial Group’s, including client service and clients; portfolio managers; risk managers; and senior business managers.

Witter Financial Group uses a wide variety of third-party and internally developed systems to enhance its quantitative research capabilities. These systems also provide comprehensive portfolio and security analyses on an individual account level and across accounts. This enhances the level of detail and the number of tools with which Witter Financial Group manages portfolios. Despite using a large number of independent models to evaluate the risk of different portfolios, the Firm understands that quantitative models are only as good as the assumptions on which they are based. Therefore, the high-quality analysis and observation that come with experience are applied to all model output, increasing the usefulness of the data.

Witter Financial Group portfolio managers use a variety of methods to evaluate risk in client portfolios and in prospective strategies. These methods are aimed at three kinds of alignment: alignment of each portfolio with its client's risk tolerance; alignment of risk and reward themes; and alignment of structure across portfolios with similar guidelines and benchmarks. Daily analyses show key rate durations; sector spread durations; convexities; yields; exposures to currencies; and other security analytics aggregated across portfolios and sections of portfolios. Other analyses show overall portfolio risk estimated by risk models that take into account the expected relationships between segments of the portfolio.

Witter Financial Group performs risk analyses throughout the trading day. These analyses occur across multiple global offices and cover sector and subsector concentrations; risk factor exposures; and key rate durations. The Firm uses a comprehensive set of vendor and proprietary risk systems to estimate top-down portfolio risks using a wide variety of metrics such as tracking error; expected shortfall; and value-at-risk. While sophisticated quantitative models provide valuable information in normal market conditions, Witter Financial Group also focuses on tail-risk behavior via stress testing, scenario analysis and drawdown analysis.